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Interroll Platform for Conveyor Modules

Features & Benefits

Totally accessible at all times

The Cooper bearing is completely split to the shaft. This feature alone save countless hours on installation and inspection. There is no need to remove ancillary equipment to check a Cooper bearing. Inspection is simple.

Simply remove the pedestal cap and the top part of the cartridge housing and outer race assembly. The entire bearing is now ready for inspection. This applies to every Cooper bearing, no matter how large or the type of mounting, every Cooper bearing can be inspected and maintained in this way.

Maintenance savings

As the inspection process is so easy, the saving that can be made in maintenance hours are considerable. When the working life of a Cooper bearing is taken into account, the Cooper bearing becomes an extremely attractive investment.

  • Marine
  • Iron and steel
  • Mining
  • Air movement
  • Cement
  • Power generation
  • Quarrying
  • Conveyor systems


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